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Leisure Centres and Touchstones Rochdale stay open in Tier 3

Following the latest government announcement, Rochdale moved into Tier 3 restrictions from 00:01 on Friday 23 October, in line with all of Greater Manchester.

We are really happy that leisure centres and Touchstones Rochdale can continue to stay open. We, like other leisure and cultural trusts in Greater Manchester understand the important role that Link4Life venues play in supporting people's physical and mental health and wellbeing and are pleased that leisure centres have been removed from the government’s baseline measures and are considered safe environments, delivering essential services, and can remain open.  

We're committed to helping our local community stay active, creative and healthy and ask for your continued support to keep the centre covid-secure by following the social distancing guidelines and safety measures that are in place.




Pre-booking your session 

Due to social distancing measures in place, there is a limit on the amount of people that we have in each venue and taking part in activities.  We want as many people as possible to be able to visit daily, but it does mean that everyone must pre-book their activities to reserve a space in one of the specific time slots allowing us to be able to manage the number of people in the centre and avoid any unnecessary delays or queues when you visit.  This includes ALL gym, swimming, group exercise classes and badminton sessions and all visits to the exhibition at Touchstones.

Bookings for gym, swimming, group exercise classes and badminton sessions can be made at www.link4lifeolb.org

Bookings for the exhibtion at Touchstones Rochdale can be made at www.link4life.org/whatson


Register for Online Bookings at www.link4lifeolb.org

If you were registered for online bookings and booked your group exercise classes online before lockdown, there is no need to re-register.  
Anybody not already registered will need to do so in order to book your sessions online.  Registering 
will only take a few minutes.  Please click here for step-by-step instructions.

We're really sorry but if you come to the centre and haven’t pre-booked, but you will be unable to gain access and will be asked to book a session before attending at a different time or day.

For non-members
Sign up for a free Your Link4Life Card at www.link4life.org/join
Everyone visiting a leisure centre to take part in an activity must now have a card to gain access to the centre.  All sessions must be pre-booked  before attending the centre.  For details of how to register, please click here 
Link4Life At Home
We know that regular exercise and being creative is essential for keeping you as healthy as possible and boosting your mood and that's why we've created Link4Life At Home, giving you a range of Les Mills workouts, on-demand classes, art projects and ideas for mindfulness, wellbeing and nutrition.  And, we’ll be adding lots more to help you stay active, creative and healthy! 

Click here to access Link4Life At Home


We'll keep this web page up to date and also include information on our social media pages so please continue to check regularly.

As a charity working in the heart of the borough, we know that our centres and activities are important to you and that staying active and being connected with others is more important that ever at this time as we look after our physical and mental wellbeing.  You’re the reason why we do what we do and we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as possible!

As always, the health and safety of you and our staff has always been our highest priority and we have developed all of our new procedures, safety measures, risk assessments and training with leading industry bodies like UKActive and Swim England and guidance from Public Health Rochdale so you can be sure that you are in the best hands to protect you and our team at all times.

Things may look a little bit different when you come back to your centre but it’ll mean that that you can continue to enjoy your activities whilst keeping safe.  We've put together some useful information in the FAQ's below to answer any questions that you have.  These will be updated as and when we have get more information so please continue to check regularly.


Yes, we’re confident in our ability to minimise the risk of infection and keep our members and staff safe.

We will be implementing enhanced cleaning procedures to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection and will have stringent social distancing measures to create a safe environment for you.

We are also asking members and staff not to visit the centre if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms and there will be clear signage to reflect this.

Staff and members will both have a responsibility for creating a clean and safe environment for everyone.  We’ve implemented:

  • Training: Our staff have undertaken cleaning training including Covid-19 awareness and Infection Control. 
  • Sanitisation stations: Hand sanitisation will be compulsory when entering the centre and stations will be located throughout for access to sanitisation and equipment cleaning supplies
  • Protection: We have installed plastic protective shields at reception desks and will be providing PPE for our staff in line with Public Health England (PHE) recommendations
  • Enhanced cleaning process: Our team will be carrying out regular cleaning and disinfection regimes throughout the day and we’re asking members to support this by cleaning each piece of equipment before and after their workout.
  • Increased cleaning hours: The centre and equipment will be sanitised regularly throughout the day and will be deep cleaned every night when the centre closes.  Deep cleaning will also take place between every session ready for customers attending the next session slots.


  • Social distancing signage: This includes floor markers showing where to stand and where relevant, directional signs indicating one way systems.
  • Pre-booked sessions: All activities must be pre-booked.
  • Modified capacities for all activities: To avoid overcrowding, we will be limiting how many people will be able to use the gym, swimming pool and group exercise classes at any one time.
  • Equipment: Gym equipment will be spaced for social distancing.
    There will be no swimming equipment available for use. If you wish to use a noodle or float then you must bring your own.
  • Swim session booking: The pool will be spaced for social distancing with Adult Lane Swimming sessions available only. All swim sessions will need to be pre-booked.
  • Workout classesStudio capacity will be reduced for group exercise classes to adhere to social distancing. When you’re waiting for your class, please follow social distancing rules and clear the studio space as quickly as you can when the class has finished.
  • Shorter classes: Classes will be between 30 and 45 minutes, to allow time for cleaning and to allow members to leave the studio safely.
  • Fewer lockers: Lockers will be available but the number will be reduced to ensure that there is an appropriate distance between them. We ask customers to limit the number of personal belongings that they bring to the centre to help to reduce the number of people in the changing rooms, and where possible please arrive dressed ready for your session.
  • Fewer showers and cubicles: Where possible, we ask that people shower at home after their activity.

Yes, it will be compulsory for members and staff to use hand sanitiser at the entrance of the centre.  There will also be numerous sanitisation stations located throughout the centre.  Disinfectant wipes will be available for you to clean your equipment and mats before and after use.


Our staff will be risk assessed for the need for protection e.g. face coverings/visors.

In line with Public Health England and UKActive guidance, our team will be provided with adequate PPE to ensure both their own safety and yours.  Public Health England guidance states that PPE should be used where physical distancing can’t be maintained, or the possibility for exposure is high so members of staff will be wearing PPE where the social distancing rule can't be adhered to, when providing care or undertaking close proximity work. 

Gloves can be contaminated with germs which are difficult to remove, so regular handwashing and using antibacterial hand sanitiser is deemed to be more hygienic.

Face masks/coverings are required when moving through the centre or spectating including reception, pool area and viewing gallery, changing rooms and any spectator areas*.
Following Government and leading industry guidance, face masks/coverings are not required when participating in exercise. Please continue to follow social distancing and sanitisation measures that are in place in these areas.
*exemptions apply http://ow.ly/knoR50BpfG1
For those who do not wish to wear a mask in the centre, you are able to freeze your membership.  You can arrange this using the red 'how to freeze' button on the right hand side of this page.
Please note that our zero tolerance policy applies.
  • Where do I have to wear a face covering / mask?

 In all circulation areas, pool galleries and whilst spectating. You do not need to wear a mask whilst participating in an activity.

  • At what point do I not need to wear a mask if I am using a pool session?

You should wear a face mask to the entry to the changing room, once in the changing room you are not required to wear one. Once changed and ready for a swim you are deemed to be participating in the activity. You should leave your mask in your locker during your swim and use it when you have finished your swim, whenyou are changing and leaving the changing area to exit the centre.

  • Where should I store my mask during my workout in the gym?

You should carry your mask with you at all times. The mask can be kept upon your person or within the cup holders on gym equipment. Face masks/cannot be left at the gym desk. Personal belongings and bags are still not permitted within the gym environment. In line with the enhanced cleaning measures that we have in place, please ensure that you sanitise the equipment prior to using (and storing your mask within it) and after you have finished. 

  •   I am attending a class, when do I take off my mask?

When your station is set up and you are ready to commence activity. The mask should be placed at the side of the studio/hall/at your station ensuring that the inside of the mask does not touch the floor.

  •  At what age should a user wear a mask?

 All users (unless exempt) must wear a mask/covering if they are over the age of 11. Ages 11 and under are not required to wear a mask.

  •  I am spectating a game of badminton or my child taking part in a session; do I need to wear a mask?

 Yes, you must wear a mask to spectate.

  • I am a Carer supporting another user to take part in their activity, do I need to wear a mask?

 Yes, unless you have paid to participate in that activity.  If you are supporting another person, you will need to wear a mask/covering.


We are asking customers and staff not to visit the centre if they feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms.

Please follow the instructions from staff at all times.  Staff are working hard to to make sure that you all feel safe when you are able to return.

The only change to opening hours is that the centres close up to 1 hour earlier than before lockdown, to enable staff to carry out a full deep clean of the centre ready for the next day.


Gym sessions are set in 90 minutes time slots (75 minutes at Littleborough Sports Centre), group exercise classes are 30 or 45 minutes and swimming sessions will vary in length depending on the activity - please refer to teh pool timetable for details or check www.link4lifeolb.org when pre-booking.

You can attend multiple sessions in one day i.e. gym and a swim or group exercise class followed by a swim, but ALL sessions must be pre-booked.  Book online at www.link4lifeolb.org 

In between sessions, staff will carry out full sanitisation of areas before the next session starts.

ALL sessions must be pre-booked at www.link4lifeolb.org

If you were registered for online bookings before the centres closed due to lockdown, you do not need to re-register.   If you were not registered previously, it only takes a few minutes.

For instructions, please click on the red 'how to register for online bookings' button on the right of the page.


Due to social distancing, we will need to limit numbers within classes, however, we have moved them to larger spaces so that as many people as possible can exercise safely.
To adhere to social distancing rules, there will be changes to the class timetable as certain classes are unable to run.  Classes will also be shortened to 30 or 45 minutes to allow more time for the studio to be cleaned between classes.

Details of all group exercise classes can be viewed online at www.link4lifeolb.org  All classes must be pre-booked.


Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your class start time.  Please do not wait in groups before the class and adhere to social distancing throughout.

The changing rooms are open but to adhere to social distancing, showers and lockers are limited.  We encourage you to shower and get changed at home if possible. 

Please note that the changing rooms at Littleborough Sports Centre will be closed.

Please limit your personal belongings and only use a locker if absolutely necessary. 

Unfortunately, hair dryers are unavailable.

We can confirm that in England, leisure centres and community facilities following covid-secure guidelines are still able to continue to host more than 6 people in total.

Going to the gym and group exercise can continue as long as social distancing measures are adhered to.

The Rule of 6 does apply to indoor organised sport for over 18s. Note: there is an exemption for indoor organised team sports for disabled people (from 24 September).

Larger groups can take part in organised sports outdoors, following covid-secure guidelines, but not on an informal basis.

Organised activities for children, including indoor team sports and swimming, remain exempt from the rule of 6.

Read more about the 'rule of six'  applied to adult indoor team sports

You don't need to be a member to use the centres and take part in activities.

Currently, all users must have a card to gain access.  Sign up for a free YourLink4Life card at www.link4life.org/join.   Click here for step-by-step instructions of how to sign up

You'll then need to pre-book ALL activities. Book online at www.linkelifeolb.org

Please send details of your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please remember to include your name and the centre that you are a member at.

If you are not shielding at home, you are more than welcome to visit the centre if you are a member. 

Please remember that all activities must be pre-booked before attending.   To book, please visit www.link4lifeolb.org

Don't worry, if you are not wanting to return to the centre as soon as it reopens, If you wish to continue to freeze your membership, visit link4life.org and complete your request.

Yes, your Link4Life membership enables use at Heywood Sports Village, Littleborough Sports Centre, Middleton Arena and Rochdale Leisure Centre so you can book a session at any of these centres. 

Remember that all sessions must be pre-booked before attending.  To book, visit www.link4lifeolb.org

You can still access the At Home online resources giving a range of activities to help you stay active, creative and healthy while you’re not at the centre.  Visit www.link4life.org/at-home

We'll also have downloadable workouts for home and in the gym through our new health and fitness app.  We're just doing the finishing touches and will update with details very soon.


Unfortunately, day passes won’t be accepted until further notice.

Please be mindful of social distancing and limit person-to-person contact. 

You may need to adapt your training, for example, you won’t be able to spot each other or share weights.

You shouldn’t share any equipment without cleaning first.

If you, or anyone in your household, feels unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms, please stay at home and don’t visit the centre.

Anyone who has symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) can get a free test to check if they have the virus.  Please click here for details of how to get a test.

Please inform a member of staff.

We ask all members and staff to adhere to guidelines and will be operating a zero tolerance policy.


We will continue to follow guidance from the Government, Public Health England, UK Active and Swim England to make sure we keep you safe.  We will ease restrictions when we have been advised that it is safe to do so. 

We will keep you updated regularly.


We have agreed in collaboration with GM Active and its 12 leisure and sports operators across Greater Manchester, that we will temporarily restrict our reciprocal memberships across the region until Autumn. This will ensure that when we do reopen we can prioritise our members at their local facility. Just like us, GM Active is passionate about getting the people of Greater Manchester to move more, and we can’t wait to relaunch shared memberships later in the year, which will give you access to 87 leisure facilities across the region again.


Heywood Sports Village, Littleborough Sports Centre, Middleton Arena and Rochdale Leisure Centre have reopened.  All activities must be pre-booked.  Book online at www.link4lifeolb.org 

The Dippy Exhibition has reopened at Touchstones Rochdale.  Pre-book your visit at www.link4life.org/whatson 

We will be working to reopen other centres and restart other activities as soon as it is safe to do so.


The swimming pools are open. Please adhere to social distancing that is in place.

Capacity in the swimming pool will be modified and please remember that people of different standards and abilities will be using the pool at the same time, so please respect everyone’s right to enjoy their swim. 

You’ll need to pre-book a swim session before visiting the centre.  You won’t be able to turn up and swim without a booking.  Details of all swim sessions available can be viewed at www.link4lifeolb.org where you will pre-book your activity.


Note:  Lane Swimming - When entering the pool, please select the correct lane for your ability – slow, medium or fast – and choose an appropriate stroke, so for example, please do not swim butterfly if the lane is busy.  Please follow the directional arrows and do not make physical contact with other swimmers.  Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching and let them pass if you can.  Please be prepared to move lanes if the lifeguard asks you to.




Following the latest Government guidance that has been published on the use of saunas and steam rooms, Link4Life has made the decision that sauna and steam rooms will remain closed.

The re-opening is subject to social distancing measures being in place and restrictions on capacities and timings.  The health and safety of customers and staff remains the highest priority and the decision to keep saunas and steam rooms closed is to ensure that the centres remain covid-secure. 


Yes, Ladies Only sessions are now available at Rochdale Leisure Centre

Please remember to pre book your session before attending - Book Here

Swim Academy swimming lessons have re-started. 

For pupils that are returning to swimming lessons, we have contacted you with details of your class and we're looking forward to swimming lessons being back in the pool.

For those that have told us they aren't ready to return yet, you will continue to freeze.  When you are ready to return, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will allocate a space.

Family swim sessions have re-started and session details can be viewed at www.link4lifeolb.org

Please ensure you pre book sessions before visiting the centre 

Pool programmes will be reviewed on a regular basis.


Artificial turf and grass pitches are available for football clubs.

Clubs are required to submit a Covid-19 risk assessment to the centre.  This is in-line with national guidance and lockdown measures currently in place in parts of Northern England, including our Borough.

 General guidance on these measures is that they should include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:

  • The club shall implement measures to limit the numbers of people who gather for a sporting event to a maximum of 30. This includes players, coaches and spectators.
  • Clubs will be expected to ensure appropriate social distancing of spectators, particularly when there are venues with multiple pitches, e.g. by having staggered start and finish times to prevent “bottlenecks” where there are large numbers of people in the same location at the same time.
  • There shall be no changing of clothes or showering.

We will closely monitor and review the situation and will take appropriate action to deal with any breaches of this guidance. Please remember that the rules are designed to keep people safe and it is essential that we all adhere to them closely.

Sports halls are now available to book, this includes both Badminton and Table Tennis please contact the centre directly to check availability.

Squash courts currently remain closed.  This includes solo usage.

Unfortunately Beth Tweddle Gymnastics will not restart straight away when the centre reopens. 

We are working closely with Beth Tweddle Gymnastics to prepare all of our lessons for when they resume and following the National Governing Body’s guidance to ensure that this will be done with the health and safety of all the Gymnasts and Coaches as a top priority.

For more information and FAQs regarding Beth Tweddle Gymnastics - Click Here

Sweat towels are now permitted for personal use.

Towels should now be used to wipe down equipment.

Face masks/coverings are required when moving through the centre or spectating including reception, pool area and viewing gallery, changing rooms and any spectator areas*.
Following Government and leading industry guidance, face masks/coverings are not required when participating in exercise. Please continue to follow social distancing and sanitisation measures that are in place in these areas.
*exemptions apply http://ow.ly/knoR50BpfG1
For those who do not wish to wear a mask in the centre, you are able to freeze your membership.  You can arrange this using the red 'how to freeze' button on the right hand side of this page.
Please note that our zero tolerance policy applies.

Yes. Touchstones Rochdale is now open to the public.  


No, not immediately. Our initial focus is to reopen the exhibition spaces. Other services are not likely to resume until later in the year.

Your Slice Café is now open. 


During our initial period of reopening and the coronavirus pandemic, our opening times may change. Your Slice Café is currently open: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00am – 3.30pm


No, not immediately. Our initial focus is to reopen the exhibition spaces. Other services are not likely to resume until later in the year.

Yes. You will be able to access the toilets but social distancing will mean that we will have reduced capacity.

You can follow our social media pages for more updates - Touchstones Facebook


Tell us about the exhibition?

Explore the world of dinosaurs, discover what Rochdale was like 150 million years before the dinosaurs lived and learn about our future world and what we can do to protect it. There is a variety of fun facts and the opportunity to view some very interesting exhibits.

Visitors can choose between two options when booking a visit with us.

Self-Guided Tour will see small groups of visitors with the allotted time of ten minutes to spend in each of the three galleries. There will be an opportunity to read the interpretation panels and look at objects in cases, however there will be no hands on activities. Both options ensure visitors can enjoy the Exhibition in the safest and most controlled environment. Booking available: Monday and Thursday only.

This experience has been designed for those that wish to enjoy the exhibition in their own time.

Narrated Guided Tour will see three scientists travel back in time to search for a solution. They need to gather information about the past. First they visit our Touchstones exhibition to learn about the dinosaurs, then they travel 240 million years back in time to visit Rochdale in the carboniferous era. Then, after learning about the environment from the wise Rochdalians, the scientists can go back to the future - knowing that the worlds missing knowledge has been found. Booking available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

This experience has been designed to be engaging and interactive with children and families in mind

Can you tell me more about the Exhibition in detail?

Gallery Two Dinosaurs

Learn more about the diplodocus. Explore the world of dinosaurs including the T rex. Learn interesting facts like where they lived on Earth and see some interesting artefacts.

.Fossils are on loan from Natural History Museum and Manchester Museum

Gallery Three Swampland

Travel back in time to find out what Rochdale was like 300 million years ago. Explore the gallery to find out where plants grow and strange creatures roam. Learn more about fossils found locally and find out more about Rochdale’s famous scorpion fossil.

Gallery Four Our Changing Planet

Here we tackle current issues facing our environment such as climate change and loss of habitat and how we can all work together to protect our planet. There is a large display of British insects on display, you can also see how our community has come together to knit 1700 bees that have been put together into a huge bee swarm and learn more about sustainable projects happening locally.

No living thing is too small to make a difference, no species, no human, no insect or plant and by working together, each doing our own bit, we can help protect the future of our amazing planet”


Yes the Exhibition is free, we welcome all ages and it is accessible to everyone. Kind donations welcome.

Tuesday 9.30am - 4.30pm
Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Saturday 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sunday 10am - 4pm

Yes, your booking is a guided tour that will last approximately 50 minutes. You will spend 10-15 minutes in each gallery space.


No food or drink are not permitted into the exhibition spaces.


We will be implementing a phased approach to reopening Touchstones Rochdale therefore your booking will only allow you a guided tour of the Nature & History exhibition. All other areas will remain closed and under review to ensure a reduced number of visitors within the venue at any one time. We shall open these as soon as it is safe to do so.


The Government announced that museums, galleries and heritage attractions could re-open from 4 July. We want as many visitors as possible to be able to safely return to enjoy the exhibition spaces Touchstones Rochdale are delighted to welcome visitors back to Touchstones Rochdale as we’ve received lots of feedback telling us that you’ve missed it.  For now, Number One Riverside remains closed to the general public and Dippy remains in isolation for a little longer


There are toilet and breast feeding facilities available and we are a fully accessible venue with access to a lift for wheelchair users. Please note that due to the new measures necessary to ensure the safety of our visitors and staff, the museum is currently unable to provide a cloakroom, we advise visitors to travel light and avoid bringing large rucksacks and bags. Pushchairs are permitted on-site and we have a designated pushchair storage area. If you need help during your visit our friendly Front of House Team will be happy to assist.

To ensure that all our visitors have an enjoyable and safe visit and due to implementing a one way route in our venue when booking on the Narrated Guided Tour, visitors who have access/mobility requirements or have a pushchair with them on their visit we advise that they book on the following time slots these are as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday- 10:00, 11.30, 13:00,14:30, 16:00.


Touchstones Rochdale is for everyone and we want to be as accessible and inclusive as possible in everything we do. We have considered accessibility and inclusion as part of our reopening plan ensuring a safe and enjoyable visit. The exhibition is located on the first floor of the building which is accessible via a lift. Please be assured that our staff will be on hand to help.

To ensure that all our visitors have a enjoyable and safe visit and due to implementing a one way route in our venue when booking on the Narrated Guided Tour, visitors who have access/mobility requirements or have a pushchair with them on their visit we advise that they book on the following time slots these are as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday- 10:00, 11.30, 13:00,14:30, 16:00.


Your Slice Café is now open. During our initial period of reopening and the coronavirus pandemic, our opening times may change. Your Slice Café is currently open: Tuesday to Sunday 10.00am – 3.30pm


Unfortunately the gift shop will remain closed for the time being. We are located within walking distance to a number of shops however due to new local measures we advise all visitors plan their visit accordingly.

There are three designated parking bays for blue badge holders outside the venue. However there is no public car parking on site.

Only guide dogs are permitted in the venue.

Entry to Touchstones Rochdale is now ticketed and all visitors MUST book in advance online - BOOK HERE

You can choose from the Self-Guided or Costumed Interpretation tour select the preferred date and specific time slot that suits you from the booking section online, the exhibition is open from 24 September through to 12 December 20.

There is a cap on the number of visitors allowed into the exhibition at any one time. The maximum a group lead can book for is 10 persons including themselves.

Due to government measures and to ensure the safety of all our staff and visitors, details given at the time of booking will be kept safe for 21 days and feed into the NHS Test and Trace system if required.

If you plan to visit us in a group or with another person, you become the lead booker and need to ensure that you have full contact details of all persons in your group that will be visiting with you. You must ensure that you follow local guidelines and that you visit with others from your own household and social bubble.

No, the exhibition is entirely free to all visitors.

You will receive via email a confirmation of your booking by way of an E-ticket you must keep this safe and we ask that you bring this with you on the day you visit so that a member of our Front of House team can check before entry.

Yes you can change your specified time and date subject to availability. However you will need to log onto your account cancel your existing booking first and select a new booking slot.

Unfortunately we are unable to admit late arrivals. We ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled booking time.

We anticipate that allocation of pre booked tickets will enable us to manage queues effectively so you will have to queue outside for 5-0 minutes before being guided inside by a member of our Front of House staff. We kindly request that visitors maintain social distancing during queuing and observe the relevant signage that will be in place. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

To adhere to increased local measures that are in place across Greater Manchester, please visit Touchstones Rochdale with members of your own household i.e. people that you live with, or are in a support bubble with.  Please avoid visiting with individuals or groups from other households.

Throughout your visit, please adhere to social distancing measures and follow safety measures that are in place throughout the venue.

If you or someone you live with have been told to self-isolate or you are displaying symptoms of COVID 19 please do not visit. You can re-arrange to a future date. If during your visit you feel unwell or develop symptoms we ask that you end your visit immediately, observe social distancing and notify staff.

In line with government and local guidance we ask that all visitors wear a face mask or covering indoors, including entrance hall and toilets. Children under the age of 11 and other visitors with an exemption are not required to wear a face covering.


Visitors to the museum should adhere to government and local guidance of social distancing keeping 1-2 metres apart from other visitors who are not in your household or support bubble. We will be limiting the number of visitors so this will help with these measures. Our staff will control the flow of visitors and act as safe distance wardens. We ask that visitors could take special care in areas where they pass other visitors maintaining safe distance and wearing a face covering.


We will encourage visitors to use the hand sanitiser stations located throughout the venue and the entrance and exit points. Doors to exhibition and gallery spaces will be remain open to avoid touch and increased cleaning of high touch points will be carried out regularly by our staff.

All our staff have received COVID 19 training and are fully up to date with local and government guidance and will be available to safely support your experience


Yes we are working with local and government to ensure that we can support the NHS test and trace system. Your contact details and times of visit will be collected and stored when you book.

We want children to have fun, make friends and take parts in lots of activities during their time on the Go4it holiday club and whilst that is our main focus we also want to make sure your children stay safe and well. Following the most recent Covid-19 guidance we have made some small changes to our holiday club and continue to work hard to make sure the holiday clubs are ready to run safely.

You child will be kept with a small group of children (bubble) and they will continue to play and take part in activities with just this group throughout the week.

We have reduced our group sizes in line with government guidance. There will also be a smaller number of children on site so we can socially distance appropriately in the space available

Our activities and timetables have been reviewed and adapted to adhere to current gov. guidelines. Whilst some activities may look differently we will still provide fun and energetic games that are safe to run.

Regular hand washing routines will be incorporated though out each day of the holiday club and each bubble will have access to hand sanitiser which will be frequently used.

There may be some changes to the layout of the leisure centre when you arrive, with queuing and one way systems in place. Our friendly reception team will be on hand to let you know where to register and collect your children each day. A consent form will still be need to be completed on your first day of holiday club. This can be completed on your first arrival however to minimise the risk of overcrowding, if you can, please bring a completed form on the day, which you can find here.

Your child/rens belongings will be kept in a designated area within their bubble. Please ensure water bottles and bags/lunchboxes are labelled with your child’s name to avoid confusion

When dropping off and collecting your child/ren please bring a face mask with you as you will be required to where one once in the building.

Please do not bring your child to the session if they or a member of your household is displaying symptoms of Covid-19

From Thursday 24 September, it is a legal requirement for all leisure and hospitality venues to display a NHS Test and Trace QR code poster.  

On every visit, customers and visitors are encouraged to scan the QR code to help in the fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19).  The posters will be placed at the entrance of the venue or next to the check-in kiosks to minimise any delay to you entering the venue.

It is not mandatory for customers/visitors to download the NHS Covid-19 app and scan the venue QR code, but as many people as possible are encouraged to use it to enable us to play our part and help stop the spread of the virus.

Please note that the app and scannning the QR poster does not replace the robust booking system that we have had in place since Link4Life venues re-opened which will be used for Test & Trace purposes where required.  

Full details of the NHS covid-19 app can be viewed at www.covid19.nhs.uk/ or by watching the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=um0qeXj1hnw&

If you have any questions, the NHS have put together FAQ's which can be viewed on their website www.faq.covid19.nhs.uk/  including what if I don't have a smartphone?


We thank you for your understanding and co-operation and ask that you remain patient and kind with members of our team.

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